When Safari 5.1 was released in July 2011, users were fairly quick to note that the update was packed with new features.  Drag and drop downloads and the ability to resume your last session without the need to perform a large number of steps, the latter of which has been popular with most other browsers for some time, have finally come to Safari.  5.1 also included sandboxing as well as increased privacy settings and more.  But perhaps one of the best features for many has been the new Safari Reading List.  Created to offer the same benefits as popular programs like Instapaper, Safari makes it easy to bookmark pages for later reading.

Safari’s Reading List feature is not really designed to be the same as Instapaper and the like, but it is designed to make it easier to save pages for future viewing.  Think of the feature as a list of bookmarks that you can sync across all of your iOS devices so that you can read what you want when you have time to do so, no matter which device you have handy.  Reading List doesn’t sync your pages for offline viewing, but instead creates a reading list of links that can be easily synched and then opened when you are ready to view them.  The feature will also maintain links in read and unread folders to let you know which items on your reading list you have already read.  In essence- it is a great feature for people who frequently see a news story or article and think, “I’d really like to remember to read that later” but don’t want it to get lost in the sea of traditional bookmarks in their browser.

So- now that you understand the What and Why of the Safari Reading List, it is time to look at the How.  To add the page you are currently on to your reading list, simply click Shift-Command-D.  If you want to add a link that you see on a webpage, simply Shift-Click it.  Later on, you can simply go into your reading list tab and select the page or pages you want to read.  If you have only partially read something but find that it is no longer in your unread list, all you need to do is go to the All section of your Reading List and you will find that it is still accessible and ready for you to finish.  Reading List works just as well for photo-heavy sites like MenuBase as for text-based sites.


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